Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sketch-It sketch...

This is a picture I did for the Sketch-It site. If you're not familiar with Sketch-It, the idea is you can go there, make a sketch request and pay $1 for a sketch. Good deal right? The catch is, the artists only guarantee they will spend a grand total of 1 minute on your sketch (What did you expect for a buck, the Mona Lisa?)... But since artists tend to be an egotistical bunch I think most of us tend to spend more than a minute but typically I don't put as much time into them as I did this one which was about an hour. Still relatively quick which is why it's a bit rough around the edges... which I don't mind though. I think it gives it some charm and a looseness that works in my opinion. Any way you look at it, its a steal for a dollar. Why did I spend an hour on a $1 commission? Because I felt guilty for taking to long to fulfill the request that's why. I do have a conscience and what little is left of a reputation :) Anyway, I thought it was a cute (that's right, I said "cute") sketch so I thought I'd post it... gotta show my sensitive side too you know. It can't always be about screaming zombies and superheroes! Oh and if you want to visit Sketch-It and request a sketch of your own CLICK HERE Just don't expect to get something this detailed... and don't forget to request me specifically :)

As always, click on the picture and zoom in to full size. It looks better that way.


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